Friday, August 30, 2013

Call The Cops!

Once again, I arrived home this evening to complete curiosity as my husband yelled “CALL THE COPS!” He sounded convincing as he continued with “...there’s a head in the living room, but they've yet to locate the rest of the body!!”  As he grinned from ear to ear, I knew it was a scene to be seen.

Let's just say it would NOT take Sherlock Holmes to solve this crime. Hell, as stupid as the Holmes in Homes guy is on HGTV, he’d have ‘er solved without even having an exact description of the criminal at large. YUP: the mighty Puddin’ struck again!

You must think we’re total idiots here but I can assure you we are not. We strive to keep our home 'Puddin’ proof' but she just keeps getting the best of us. Seriously, dogs are not supposed to be able to open closet doors (nor large sealed Tupperware totes) but she does. 

Today casualties? Staci’s hair mannequins. I can visualize her running around the house for the entire day, baiting Dot to join in on the fun. I have no idea how she seeks out this shit; she chewed off the corner of the tote lid until she could pull that sucker off. I'm sure she was doing nothing less than an end zone dance 'cause she definitely hit the motherload.

I wouldn't believe half the crap she does if I didn't
see the evidence with my own eyes!
Taken: August 2013
What can I say other than it is what it is.

My sister was amazed at how she got the peanut butter jar out of the pantry in South Carolina, so tonight the picture I am posting is for her. 

Why? Because I wanted to let her know that it happened again! 

Last week Goob left the unopened jar on the counter and this is what I arrived home to. She tried for three days to get to the bottom of the jar.

Figured the least I could do was make her suffer, because I knew her tongue would never reach its desired destination!

As she sleeps at my feet, I am convinced that in all these antics she’s not acting alone.

My husband adamantly disagrees, and refuses to entertain anything other than Puddin’ is evil. I guess he has a point.

Out of fairness, Dot shall remain innocent until proven guilty. Yet, there’s one thing I know for sure...

I’m getting me a stinkin' Nanny Cam!