Saturday, June 22, 2013

Smartie Is Coming Home!

Taken: 2007
For a girl that's lucky to get one surprise a year, this past week officially delivered my 2013 ditty.

I can’t describe the excitement I felt yesterday when my very bestest friend in the whole wide world confirmed that he was making an unexpected trip from the Yukon (home to Ontario) in less than a month.

As I have said before, the 5,675 kilometres that separates us is insignificant; at the end of the day unconditional is exactly that, which is how I would describe our friendship. It works because we make it. We care. It's as simple as that. That said, this is the first summer visit since he's moved, that I am going to him instead of him coming to me in Muskoka.

Though he did live in Muskoka for almost 20 years, outside of me living here it really is no longer a focal point for him. His family vacations on an island in the Kawartha’s (which is where he’ll land after his meetings in Ottawa). As a result, I am going on a road trip.

I know our time together will pass crazy fast. We communicate in one form or another almost every single day, but there’s nothing like spending time together face to face. I enjoy hearing him laugh but seeing him laugh is the absolute best. The second best thing? Seeing his entire family. Close third? Fishing at dawn and not saying a single word to each other, just enjoying the one thing we rarely get to enjoy.

Each other’s company!...I can hardly wait!!!