Friday, July 6, 2012

Gotta Love The Great Outdoors!

Because we had a really early thaw in Muskoka this year, Orillia Lake was open and ready for business more than two months earlier than last year.

I still find it hard to fathom that this amazing haven stayed virtually abandoned for the 2011 cottage season. As a direct result, I decided that I would move in from Canada Day until Labour Day this year, to truly understand if I could reinvent my summers there without the children present.

I am pleased to report that my relocation last weekend was successful.  With one week under my belt, all I can say is that it makes me sigh knowing there are only seven left.  I can’t believe I’d forgotten how being 10 miles from town is so much more relaxing, not to mention so much more enjoyable.

I have truly missed everything about Orillia Lake. I eat differently, I sleep differently and I exercise more (both my mind and my body) and I feel like a completely different girl.

For all the fun and frolic, it was a lot of work settling in. It was bananas! The lawn hadn’t been cut, the hot water tank had to be reset a bazillion times, shoreline needed tending but the biggest chore was accomplished Sunday. The outdoor shower (with brand new rainfall shower head) was finally relocated.  

It was moved for a couple of reasons; one, the view, and two, its new proximity to the nearest door. Boy, my new ten foot walk is exhilarating not to mention liberating. 

It's been a great week. The warm water, fresh morning air, and the sound of the singing birds have completely changed my disposition and overall attitude. I love, love love it. I love all of it.

So I guess I showed me. I was so afraid to stay at the cottage without the kids that I wasn't going to try. My week reminds me that 'you should always face your fear'. Face it head on without hesitation. I did just that, and I'm having a blast.

Now, if could I only find someone who’d listen to Sarah McLachlin and paint my toenails with me, I’d be golden!