Sunday, April 29, 2012

Reflection Always Has A Purpose…

As this beautiful Sunday winds down I have to admit it’s been a weekend of quiet reflection for me. (Hard to believe that this same weekend last year, Jamie was finishing up in Kitchener, and heading home to work.)

Tomorrow is April 30th and the final day on our lease for Dave’s house. (He moved out this weekend, has two jobs for the summer, and will remain in the city to work in his chosen field.)

Staci's also had a banner year and she's on her home stretch as well. Her journey has been a little different; she’s kept her job here in town at Metro, slept in her old room almost every weekend, and wants to return to Muskoka to work when she graduates.

After I finished work Saturday, I found myself alone in the sun. Tunes cranked, talking to myself (relax, I don’t answer back), and it hit me. By all accounts, when it comes to raising my children, my job here is done.

As silly as it sounds, I've felt this shift coming for quite some time. After we put Sally down and Daisy entered my heart, I started to press for two more dogs. Two years later, I realize that I wanted to add to our pet population because I knew the void that was coming would change my life forever. Reflection yesterday made me realize it truly has.

I am so very proud that we’ve raised three confident, intelligent, strong willed individuals and given them all the tools for success in life. It hasn’t been easy. Actually, it’s been really hard. But it's always been my experience that the really great things in life never happen without a lot of personal investment and very hard work.

As the flowers bloom and I move out to the cottage for the summer I can’t help but ask myself “what will I do with all my spare time?” The answer is easy.

I'm thinking a puppy (maybe a Jack Russell Terrier I'll name Zack) and GOLF! Small white ball in a small round hole. Bring it!