Monday, April 2, 2012

Don’t “Ma’am” Me…. EVER!

So it seems I have a birthday coming up. I’d like to be able to report that it will be my 25th but that would be a lie. Not only would it be a lie, it would be a two decade understatement.

I remember worrying (way back when) that turning 30 would be really hard for me. I also remember being surprised when it wasn’t. In fact, to this day, turning 31 was the birthday I have struggled with most. I struggled because it was the reality that I was ...“In my 30’s”.

I recall having a conversation with my husband (about a week after I turned 31) because I'd spent a somber day in bed. When he asked what was wrong I replied; “If I have to spend the day in bed when I turn 31, I’ll bet I will have to spend a week in bed when I turn 41.” Without missing a beat I immediately added, “Jeez, I hope he’s good looking!” We still laugh about that comment today.

Age is a frame of mind. I believe that. But as my appearance changes & people see me with grown children, I tend to get called Ma’am, which never use to happen. I hate it - I’m not a Ma’am - I’m a Rhondi.

Just last week I was chatting with three male clients at work. As they were leaving, my friend Dean waved with a big smile and said... “See ya later Ma’am”. I quickly reacted.

“Don’t Ma’am me! Do I look like a Ma’am to you? Three days past dead is a Ma’am in my book... & I’m no where near dead!!!” All three customers burst into laughter.

As everyone made their way out the front entrance I heard a very loud exit bellow from my buddy Dean; “SEE YA LATER SWEET CHEEKS… “

…To which my equally loud and firm roar was “MUCH BETTER!”