Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Regrets? I’ve Had a Few But Who Hasn’t?

When I was standing at the YYZ luggage carrousel (at 4am) yesterday morning I heard myself saying to a couple close by that “I regret agreeing to a late checkout/flight from Jamaica."

I have been thinking about regret a lot lately....

Now that I am rested, I really don't regret the late choice. In hindsight, I was simply disappointed that my plane was delayed, making me overtired and grumpy. 

Personally, my regrets are few. More often than not lately, I've had a string of brutal, almost devastating, disappointments. Safe to say (for me anyway) I eventually recover from disappointment but regret tends to linger.

Confused? Let me help.

I regret never telling my mother that I loved her before she died. I have regretted that since her death in 1987. “I love you” was an unspoken phrase in our home growing up so taking that step was a leap.

In hindsight, I often think of her (at the end), wondering if I would have said the words, maybe she would have said them back. Either way, I regret never having tried. I wanted to “go there” but I guess in the end I didn’t want to be disappointed.

The moral of my story?

Will I regret calling you an asshole if you are one? Nope… Will I be disappointed if we never speak again? Definitely. Especially if you aren't an asshole.