Monday, December 12, 2011

Just Like That... HE WAS GONE!

I have a heavy heart tonight as I bid adieu to my friend & mentor David Grant. 

Dave passed this morning and his wife Louise  assures "he was surrounded by his family and passed peacefully". Just like my mother, he suffered a long battle with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).

Dave entered my life in the mid 1990’s.

From his initial advice to “never do anything three times you don’t want to become your job”, to my assigned nicknames of "Dave the HAMMER Grant" and "Super Dace Grant" (the C is next to the V on the keyboard & he never hit spell check) there was never a dull moment.

He was an amazing & fair boss that taught me how to spot a "fake" a mile away. I will never forget him; his volume when he wanted to be heard, his love for his family, his amazing work ethic.I will forever envy his intelligence, his love for 'chickens' and his ability to write a kick-ass Christmas letter. I will always cherish his respect and support. I have learned and I have grown because he always unconditionally pushed me forward.

He was my mentor. He was my friend.

I have a heavy heart tonight and it's for Dace.... Rest in peace my dear.