Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Feeling Beige & David John Grant Would Be Pissed About it!

David John Grant  1940-2011. 

Every single morning my routine is simple. I put the dogs out, pull the blinds up and ask myself “what colour do I feel today?”

Some mornings I feel fire engine red (ready to motivate and get it done). Others more a lavender, soft pink or peach (good and very amiable). Today I woke up beige. I looked beige, I felt beige. My zip was zapped from the get go. Today I had to bid adieu to an important energy in my life and my heart was heavy.

Grieving the loss of a friend is never easy (especially when everyone around you thinks you’re the “Good News Bear” all of the time).  I didn’t want to cry. I didn’t want to sit with hundreds people and be sad. As my tears began to flow - I realized I wasn't ready to say goodbye.

Truth be known, if St. Peter would have allowed "Dace the Hammer" one last ass kicking, it would have been today. It was how Dave rolled. In your face, very loud, matter a fact, profanity would have filled the church!!! I close my eyes and I can hear him bellow "What The F***? ... This is a Celebration of Life!!!"

That said, I felt bad for the gentleman that sat next to me. Nice smile, great suit, kinda shy and he managed to listen to me weep like an idiot. (Wait it gets better…. ) At the end of the service I asked this good man if I could “have a hug?” 

He looked at me and unconditionally opened his arms. I hugged him like he was Dave and perhaps he hugged me back for the very same reason. I’ll probably never see him again but should apologize for the mascara I left on his lapel... I'm sure he knows it was in memory of our friend.

Rest in Peace Dave. I will love and miss you always….