Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I LOVE You THIS Much......

About six months ago I got back in touch with a friend I hadn’t seen in years. (Our life paths had changed but we'd always tried to keep the relationship/conversation open via email.)      

You know deal:
Title: Hey
Body of Email: I Miss You.
To Which I Would Get the Standard Reply: “ditto”.

Neither of us would sign our names. No talk of the weather, no discussion of where we were at in life. Just a quick note to let the other know we were in each others thoughts.

Then one day the unexplained happened. A mutual friend unexpectedly passed.

Instantly, and without thought, I dialed the phone (hoping they’d kept the same cell number). “It’s Rhondi” I said… “OH MY GOSH call me”! I truly didn’t expect a return call & that night I didn’t get one. I climbed into bed at the cottage a few hours later not giving my dramatic call another thought.

Next day my cell phone rang at the office. Preoccupied, I didn’t recognize the voice at first... BUT as soon as they said who they were I was elated.

To this day, I play that very first reconnection conversation over and over in my head.  How silly was it that we’d been too busy to keep in touch? Hearing the others voice was like riding a bike, smooth and effortless. Kismet!

Months have passed since that fateful day. We text and/or email everyday, chat at least once a week, and make an effort to see each other once a month. 

It's simple. A TRUE friend is someone you don't have to talk to everyday to feel like you hugged them yesterday!