Saturday, July 21, 2012

Reality, What a Concept! ~Robin Williams

The last couple of days I have been asking myself “am I honestly being realistic?” Not specifically with one aspect of my life but a number of things; my job, my family as well as my personal happiness.

I consider myself a pretty well rounded chick, for some time now I’ve touted that I am eternally optimistic yet cautiously realistic. But for some strange reason lately, I just seem to be setting myself up for insurmountable disappointment. You know the kind, when you burn your hand using the barbeque and the very next night you do the same thing hoping for a different result? That’s describes me to a tee the last few weeks. Guess my mantra should really read eternally optimistic yet perpetually unrealistic!

Life is a journey, I get that. (Lord knows I’ve read enough Facebook status updates to surmise it must be pure fact.) But why is it that I feel like I have been travelling down a questionable path? I know what the result will be. Realistically, I want to hesitate, yet the journey has me so intrigued I stay engaged.  More often than not, I tend to glorify the passage only to be disappointed when the alarm clock rings and I am given a much needed reality check.

All of that said, since I moved out to the cottage, I have continued asking myself some very tough questions.  As a result, I have cleared a lot of the bothersome cobwebs. (I must admit it feels amazing to rid the clutter.) It feels so good, that I picked up the phone Thursday afternoon and called the exterminator to finish the job!

Not quite sure why I am feeling a little funky this Saturday morn. Sad to report that confusion finds me more often than not. Am I feeling pessimistic or am I feeling optimistic?

With a roller coaster week behind me, on this sunny Saturday in Muskoka, let's go this route. Some say "their glass is half empty", some say "their glass is half full," I say"Ya gonna drink that?!?!"

HENS I’m pouring. Pouring all afternoon on the dock. Get the heck over here pronto!