Tuesday, March 20, 2012

... Please Pose For Me Mr. Fireman!

Why is it lately I feel like I take one step forward and two steps back? 

My day started productively. My desk cleared itself nicely, had an office visit from two of my favorite clients, and spent my lunch hour in the sun. Definitely great, one step forward!

Missing in action mid afternoon, a friend text asking “…You there?” My response, “I have a four alarm fire!" My next text is something I have been asking myself for quite sometime. “Why is there never a good looking firefighter around when I need one?"  

In an effort to keep my post light, allow me to remind everyone that firefighters (as observed daily on my $20 calendar) truly have great skill. This afternoon, I could have embraced two of their very specific talents, which may have helped me personally in my time of need:
  1. Their ability to instinctively assist and support with my situation at hand (trust me there were flames everywhere).
  2. Their ability to perform a “real time” calendar pose right in the middle of the warehouse (which would have been followed by me asking if I could 'tap that ass' to relieve some extremely elevated levels of tension).  
Suffice is to say, neither rescue occurred….

TRUTH: I wish that I could take one day, hang out and observe, how certain folk would "walk a mile in my shoes".

Scratch that. Not an option. I’m sure they’d just complain. I know them. 

My shoes would not only be the wrong size but the wrong style. Hardest part for me to watch? How they’d take them off after 5 minutes because they would never be able to mange how quickly they move, in several directions, at the same time, to benefit everyone else. Hence my two steps back.

Legal Disclaimer: No firemen were harmed in the creation of this post