Wednesday, July 8, 2015


"Successful women can still have their feet on the ground... 
They just wear better shoes!"

When I went into business for myself more than a decade ago, I enthusiastically completed an obsessive amount of analysis & market research prior. I remember when I'd finally chosen my course of action, I invited a very successful friend for drinks so that I could ultimately share my direction and ask their opinion. When he finished reading my business plan, he smiled and said without hesitation, "I think you have all the pieces in place to  truly be successful with this!" 

Even now, I remember being flattered by his affirmation. Afterall, he was a successful well respected businessMAN occupying the very lane I was merging into. His words gave me the spark I needed to compliment my gumption and I never looked back.

One of the many perks of a waterfront office
TAKEN: JULY 3rd, 2015
Yesterday, I needed some business advice. Though I still keep in touch with the person I leaned on all those years ago, my telephone call yesterday was to a woman. One I have a solid respect for.

We both used to work in the same sector and her father was one of my very first trade print clients. She, like so many others are limited in the praise they receive because they are a woman and therefore must be the receptionist. To the contrary, she has a brilliant legal mind. Hence, why I called her for her help.

On the glass half full side of things, after I hung up from my one free legal advice call, the opportunity of a lifetime presented itself (part and parcel for how I spent the last 18 months I suspect). It'll be a lot of hard work and I'll have to prove my worth as well as the fact that I am up for the challenge. I'd like to say I'll lace up my designer shoes and give it my all but I don't wear socks after the May 2-4 weekend; so I'm going to slip on my $35 flip flops and get to work.

I'm kidding. You see, it's not the shoes that define success (or flip flops in my case) because in business, everything is results based. I find it funny that when I started out all those years ago, people would pat me on the head and ask "ya still do that little thing out of your basement?"

Does my picture look like I'm in my basement?

Check again!