Saturday, April 30, 2016


Well, here you have it. I’ve arrived at my last letter of the alphabet and I would be remiss if I didn’t give massive props to the zealous electronic friendships I have out of New Orleans, Louisiana. As I've written before, I was fortunate enough to begin working with this amazing crew of Architects in the spring of 2012. Four years later, our witty repartee's still going strong.

About my pics. It was just a regular work day last Friday when just before 4pm, my phone buzzed and the tone told me it was WhatsAp reaching out to me. I opened my message to find this amazing photo of Darin and Mr.T (below) soaking up the rays, as well as the tunes, at the New Orleans Jazz Festival. I was ecstatic!

That's Darin in the ball cap (which he bought while visiting me last September).
The pic on the left was the first one Darin sent and the one on the right was sent shortly thereafter. You see, he wanted to let me know there was a huge Canadian flag flying high right in front of him. We joked that it was a sign that I was there in spirit and because I don't drink beer, I gave him explicit instructions to enjoy my share in my absence.

Like anything in life, electronic friendships take effort to maintain. I speak from experience when I write that the electronic friendships that offer the most zeal, are those where both set of texting thumbs work equally hard to keep in touch. Thanks for sharing with me last Friday Darin... As soon as you sent me the video of your surroundings, I couldn't stop smiling. It was like I was truly spending the afternoon with you in New Orleans. 

Everyone else, thanks again for reading. As I've formally finished the April A-Z Blogging Challenge... Allow me to introduce you to my very good friend, the month of May!

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