Monday, April 11, 2016


I'm not sure about you but I personally find it interesting how people believe everything they read on the internet. That said, I guess the obvious question arises, what do you entertain and what do you call 'bullshit' on?

As you know, I've just returned to Canada after traveling to once again celebrate my 29th birthday in Sayulita, Mexico. The truth is, before I landed in Los Cobos last fall, I use to make a blanket statement that "I had no interest in ever going to Mexico." The root of that statement came from me taking unsubstantiated tidbits of interesting information (about the water, crime etc) and not challenging them as varying levels of hokum.

We were just a trio of gringos, peacefully walking the backstreets of Sayulita Mexico.
TAKEN: APRIL 5th, 2016
Anyway, with our dollar performing so poorly against the American buck, my cumpleaƱos planning once again had me looking at Mexico. This trip (with surfing as my focus) I knew I wanted to rent a house. We did. It was a home owned by a Canadian and the best friend of a friend that had already stayed there. I am almost embarrassed to report that when we arrived, my list of interesting internet questions for the owner (about being an off resort tourist in Mexico) leaned toward embarrassing. So much so, that by about the 10th one, he was answering me with a hint of laughter.

Suppose some would say 'better safe than sorry', other true naysayers will claim 'we just got lucky and Mexico's not really like what we'd experienced.' What do I say? Use your common sense and make smart decisions. The more Spanish you know, the less everything costs. Don't venture out at night alone and look both ways before you cross the street.

Seriously... they drive like they're all from downtown Montreal!

So, from now on, when researching online, I'll remind myself to look to this quote:    
Don't believe everything you read on the internet ~ Abraham Lincoln

Interesting how that right there puts things into perspective, eh?