Sunday, January 17, 2016


My last CHEERS in Los Cabos!

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I was going to label the title of my post, "MY LAST RESORT" but after selecting my photo to keep my post company, I worried that someone would feel obligated to step up and be my AA sponsor. That said, those Caribbean Orange frozen cocktails were rub-a-tummy-yummy and they definitely had a whomp ass of a kick!  

I love this pic. I snapped it on my very last day in Cabo. When my treat was finished, I returned to my room and finished packing. I think I knew then, that in my heart I wanted my next adventure to be something other than a resort vacation. 

I suppose I should clarify that my stay at The RIU Palace was excellent. I headed home stoked by the price of the one day sale I'd taken advantage of; yet felt like an idiot for avoiding Mexico in my travels as long as I had. Boarding my plane, I knew that I was going to look away from the excess of resort vacations in 2016; but let's face it, I know little about how to best navigate Mexico. Therefore, I figured what I am actually about to do, wasn't even an option for me.

So that's my question... How do you know what the right vacation opportunity is to take advantage of? I am anything but a world traveler. I know you can only trust the internet to get you so far, and I can be a bit of a snob when it comes to where I stay. Even admitting all of that, booking my next trek came my way in quite an interesting manner.

I chose this upcoming Mexico location for a couple of significant reasons. The 4 bedroom house (and small infinity pool) was just a starting point. It's beautifully situated on the side of a hill in a small town that caters (somewhat) to a Canadian traveler.

I absolutely love that I have to walk to the beach. I have to walk to the beach, I have to walk to get groceries. I have to walk to get everywhere I wanna go. Also, the owner of the home is Canadian and he assures me that it will be safe to be out at night. An added bonus? Last, but not least, the Sweeny-meister stayed there last January, so it comes highly recommended by her. Oh, and she is coming with me for my birthday, to ensure I stay out of trouble!

As I head to beautiful Sayulita for back to back Mexican experiences (and learn to surf), I believe that my fondness for Mexico will hold a similar candle to the strong love I have for Jamaica.

Because, as you've read.... There's never a bad time for Jamaica Mon!!

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