Tuesday, April 14, 2015


My word choice today is about how I am feeling, not about a misplaced possession.

You see, last night I got a message asking me to call the Son in Law of our cottage neighbour in the City. Instantly, my heart dropped. I was home alone, so I replied that my husband would call when he returned from running his errand. Half an hour later, my biggest fear came to fruition. Our much loved neighbour Lois, had passed.

When we bought our cottage, not only had we been blessed with our own perfect little haven, we'd inherited the most amazing neighbours. As a young couple new to cottaging, Ken & Lois helped us any way they could. They were the brains of cottage life, and we were the brawn. (Meaning...They could fix anything, and we could pack up and carry anything.) In hindsight. it was a match made in heaven.

Rest In Peace Lois.... You'll be with us forever.
Though we lost Ken in 2011, we were still cheerfully blessed each summer with Lois’ company. She remained as spry as ever, and swan everyday no matter how cold the water was. I am going to miss her swimming over, climbing our dock ladder, and enjoying a whirl down our slide. Not only am I going to miss her company, I'm going to miss her very sincere smile. 

I suppose I chose this particular photo, because from now on, every time the sun peeks through the trees, I’ll instantly think of her watching over us.

Rest in Peace Lois; be sure to give Ken a hug and a kiss for me. 

We love & miss you both very much.