Saturday, April 4, 2015


Part of my creative process is having a picture accompany my posts. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree because my mother was a shutterbug too. The only sad notable was she always positioned herself behind the camera, so when she passed, there was no evidence of a family photo to be found.

As a result, my children have always been comfortable in the presence of a camera; taking pictures has always been a part of what we do as a family. My daughter, like my mother and myself, gravitates to the process as does my oldest son. 

Staccs & I rockin' Toronto Harbourfront with her new iPhone!
TAKEN: AUGUST 3rd, 2012
Because of my word choice today, I had the glorious task of searching through a bazillion Kodak moments to accompany my just as many of my passing thoughts. I chose this particular pic because it was a first for me personally. 

Staccs and I were in the City for the long weekend visiting her twin when she asked to take our picture. I had my Fugi digital but she had her fancy new Iphone. 

The photo I am sharing is the very first picture she took of us using a reverse function camera so we could see ourselves on the screen. A fun little ditty that will forever reminds us both of a memorable summer staycation.

I personally have no interest in getting an IPhone. As a die hard Blackberry girl, I'm totally giddy that the new Classic Blackberry has brought back the rollerball. I'll take that function over a 'switch camera' function any day. What can I say, all of my camera's may be digital but my thumbs most definitely rock ALL of my buttons.

....On my phone silly!!