Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Knowing I had a big day today, I was in bed early last night and was up before dawn this morning. After a two and a half hour conference call, by mid afternoon I’d had about enough multi-tasking one could handle and decided to throw on a coat and head outside with the dogs.

You know what they say... Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
TAKEN: FEBRUARY 10th, 2015

This aft the UV rays were so intense and temperature so mild, it felt like the only thing missing was my Fairy Godmother walking down the drive offering me three wishes. It felt wonderful!

As I walked around the dog trails, throwing sticks and basking in the sun, I found myself at the bottom of the snow covered steps to the fire pit (admiring our rickety old trellis). In awe, I just stood there.

My old friend was surrounded by a perfect blanket of snow, with a crisp pristine blue sky to offer the perfect backdrop; absolutely beautiful, solid and stoic. To a girl that hadn't been out of the house since last Saturday afternoon, it offered a very welcome visual euphoria.

Alone in the moment I couldn't help daydreaming, about my trellis and the simple thought that if I headed up that hill... Caught my snowshoe and twisted both my ankles and called 911... A really hot fireman would come role play my fantasy. (Knowing that ain't ever gonna ever happen, I went back into the house and got back to work.)

I AM pleased to report that my husband called minutes later to surprised me with the fact that he'd stopped and bought me four new pair of my very favourite fuzzy socks. That right there had me shave my legs, put on my best bonnet, and wait for him to get home to me with bells on.

What can I say? The only person responsible for making your day memorable is YOU!