Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Golfie Gals!

You know that old saying “you know that you’re truly friends with someone, when you don’t see each other for a year and you pick up like you saw each other yesterday”. That’s exactly how I feel about Kathy & Claire.

Ironically enough, the three of us met at a golf show. The Toronto Golf Show, about eight and a half years ago. I was telling them yesterday afternoon that I remember the exact moment we met. I was going to tell them that my somewhat photographic memory remembers what they were both wearing – but I thought that may creep them out a tad. Ooops… guess the cat’s outta the bag now.

Enjoyed a great round of golf with these gals!
Taken July 5th, 2014
Getting together with them yesterday was a bit of a milestone for me. 

Though we've always kept in touch, (and have seen each other in the city) yesterday signified the first time I’d been back to the old stomping ground in more than six years. 

Though some memories have obviously faded, I quickly realized yesterday that so many remain vibrant. I was impressed that I remembered how the course played. The fact that I left my game at home made no matter, it just felt eerily comfortable to walk it again. People at the Clubhouse said they remembered me. I just nodded and agreed. I didn't have a fecking clue who they were but I didn't want to make them feel uncomfortable. Rhondi Rule #454: When all else fails... Smile and nod and talk about the weather (or in this case golf). Which is exactly what I did.

I was nervous to return. I was going to return last year to see them and play a round but I wasn't ready. That said, it was good to be back, and I'll return to play again when they return right after Labour Day. I knew heading to the tee blocks it was going to be a brutal round, as it was my first of the year. So, as we teed up at nine, I told Claire that I was on a mission.

"I'm going to seriously practice before I see you again" I said.

With my crazy hectic schedule, I probably won't. Doesn't matter. Even though I had a severe case of the shanks yesterday, at the end of the day the wine we shared afterwards was way better than the golf. That's code for... no matter how much I practice in the next eight weeks... I'm never going to beat EITHER of these amazing golfers!

Thanks Gals. You both look great and we'll see you soon.