Tuesday, June 3, 2014

HA! I Tricked YA!!

I met a long-time colleague for lunch today. Both busy, our timing was kind of loosey goosey, so I tried to head out early to get a specific errand run prior. Short story long, I ended up at the Post Office, in a line up, with a not so nice lady serving the wicket.

I could have waited in line, but I knew that the wicked wicket lady was the one I would have to speak with. Sensing that she was having a bad day (and knowing I was not) I instantly decided to go for lunch and tackle my change of address challenge on a full belly.

Two hours later, how did I know it was my lucky day? When I returned, there she was, waiting. With that same scowl on her face, not to mention the f*ck you vibe in her brow. Didn't matter, I was ready for her. 

My initial assessment of her tone and approach - once in front of her - told me the ante would be at least ten pounds of flesh and my first born before she'd ever hear my plight. Hey, don't get me wrong, I’d gladly have given her twenty pounds (with a pro-rated discount on the next ten) but the first born angle was three kids and two dogs too late. Suffice is to say, a simple smile was all I had to offer.

By the time I had gone through the entire process I discovered that she was a Grandma, didn't live here, had a great sense of humour, and was really very nice. 

As I thanked her one last time, she enthusiastically reminded me to come back and see her personally if my new key didn't work. She also warned me to 'guard it with my life' because 'a silly replacement' came at the hefty price of $32 each. 

As I bid farewell I made a point of telling her that she did a great job. Everyone in line heard me, and when I turned around to leave, they all made an effort to make eye contact with me and were smiling.

The moral of my post? 

A smile is instant happiness you’ll always find right under your nose. It is more naturally reciprocated than a handshake... and just might make someones day when they least expect it.

That is all.