Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I’m not a person that is easily shocked or surprised. I guess that's why this moment had such impact.

I hadn't heard from my closest confident in a few, so I fired them off an email to simply check in. I quickly got a reply. It didn't have a subject title, so I instantly knew that something was wrong. I opened it and read the news in disbelief.

After almost twenty five year of marriage (with two grown daughters, in the final stages of University) my soulmate announced that they were separating from their spouse. Apparently, one wanted things the other didn't and it seems that neither wanted to continue working in the same direction. I was shocked.

Worried, I automatically picked up the phone. I listened, yet offered no opinion; after all, this was ultimately their journey, not mine. Listening to the explanation of their situation truly broke my heart. I do feel compelled to share that this is the very same friend that listened endlessly to my woes, telling me that ‘communication's key’ and that ‘talking about what the issues are will get you through anything!’ 

I don’t believe we have any idea who will (or will not) impact our lives until it has happened. Right or wrong, I believe that we marry our true life partner and differing souls flow in an out of our lives as well. Zack is most definitely a soul mate. I will unconditionally support him on his journey, as he supported me on mine.

That doesn't mean that I couldn't slap the living crap right out of him for not taking his own advice but I love him just the same. Men: they can be so gosh dang stubborn sometimes.