Saturday, August 3, 2013

Total Reflection All Around...

♫♪♫ Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun...
Please shine down on me... ♫♪♫
Taken: August 3rd, 2013

I was late for work this morning. Not because I slept in or I'm overtired, but because I couldn’t haul my ass out of the lake. 

There’s nothing like diving off a dock the morning after a really great storm. The air always has a feeling of relief about it. Kind of like Hell YA... We survived another one!

I must admit this morning was an especially pretty one. I could see the fish swimming along the shore and I know my favourite turtle wasn't far from site.  

For whatever reason, I only seem to catch a glimpse of it on romantic mornings like today.

I'm not quite sure why my imagination ran a muck this morning (perhaps because for the first time in forever I was alone with my thoughts). I couldn't help but be reflective. Maybe it's as simple as the raging storm last night and the calmness of this morning reminded me of my journey of self discovery.

I have had so many conversations with myself on this silly dock. In all the time I have spent here alone, I've had a million laughs and shed many a tear. I still  wish I could understand why I was chosen to take the specific journey I endured. I guess In hindsight I finally understand I wasn't lost per say, just aimlessly treading water in a place I wasn't meant to be.

Either way, this morning had me feeling gob snapin' fantastic. With all the bullshit of outside influence and differing opinions gone, it sure feels great to be home.