Wednesday, August 7, 2013

She's On The Move ~ LOOK OUT!

There are five or six fridge magnets that have been in full view at our cottage since we bought the place in 1999. My very favourite reads... The only place where SUCCESS comes before WORK is in the dictionary. Today my daughter proved the purchase a worthwhile investment!

Here's the deal. Bright and early this morning (less than a week since starting her search) Staci began her very first full time job. It's located an hour south of here, and the plan is that she will couch surf in her new home. Couch surf until we move and unpack her belongings (while she attends orientation for her second part time job) this coming Sunday afternoon. 

It's hard to believe that this is the third time she's moved out in the last four years. Each time has offered her a new adventure. Each has added a chapter to her life that she'll always draw from. Not gonna lie, this time feels a little odd. There were no tears to be had, and this morning walking into her new place of employment she showed ZERO fear. Instead, just her trademark quiet confidence. A wonderful confidence that has blossomed out of her personal need to keep growing and keep moving forward.

I know better than most that it takes a significant moment in life to change an embedded thought process. Sometimes you might want to question a person's unexpected shift, in this instance we did not. We offered lots of support and openly explained that though we'd never see her go hungry, our paying for her adventure was not an option.

Chillin' (playing SkipBo) in South Carolina
Taken: April 29, 2013
Photo Cred: My SIS
What can I say? She dug in her heels, saved her money, and she showed us an unconditional determination I never knew she had.

She may not be the extrovert that I am, but she's definitely goal oriented & fiercely driven.

If I were you?