Monday, August 5, 2013

Red Leaves Already?

I had to work today but believe it or not that's not why I'm going to rant via my electronic soapbox this morn. When I climbed in the outdoor shower first thing, it was a balmy 8C outside. Very BRRRR if I do say so myself. Typically not the banner outdoor bathing weather I got use to this time last year.

Since constructing my l'il shower on the 2012 Canada Day weekend, I have always loved keeping it wide open and being one with nature. This last week it’s been so cold outside that I had to put up an extra shower curtain so that my teeth wouldn't chatter while lathering up.

Sub zero weather ='s Red Leaves in Muskoka!
Taken: August 5th, 2013
Even though it was crazy cold this morning, once in and warm, I separated the curtains to look out into the woods. Much to my dismay I spied a spot of red leaves. I literally asked myself the question out loud... "ya gotta be f*cking kidding me?!"

Red Leaves at the end of July gives me a sense that I’ll be wearing my snow pants and mittens by Thanksgiving. Our Canadian Thanksgiving that is, which makes my mood even worse!

I guess I missed the memo. The one that declared that the summer of 2013 would only be three weeks long. Had I been privy to said memo, I would have been much more tactical about how I would have enjoyed it. 

Let’s just say I am seriously disappointed in Mother Nature. Once again, she shows up and leaves us one disappointing mess. 

Red leaves disappointing that is.... BITCH!