Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy Discovery Day Smartie

Smartie's Discovery Bay Campsite
Not to be confused with Discovery DAY. Which is a holiday throughout the Yukon today.
Glad I found that little ditty out in the wee hours of this morning!
Taken: June 9th, 2013

When enjoying cottage life, my phone is rarely by my side. The God's honest chance of getting something other than my voicemail on the weekend is slim to none at best. As a result, I haven't talked to Smartie (except via voicemail) in almost three weeks. 

Last night, well past 11pm, I was rattled awake by my cell phone ringing in my ear. Though I never take my phone to bed with me, at bedtime I made a point of setting it atop the headboard. Why? Let's just say I was hopeful I would be getting a call. 

Turns out I fell asleep watching a movie Saturday night; then I realized Sunday morn, that I had two missed calls. When I reversed looked up the number, I knew the calls were coming from a landline in Merritt BC. That's when I realized that Smartie was at his friend Monique's. Like the BFF he truly is, for the third weekend in a row, he tried to call me yet again. Knowing he'd be heading back to the Yukon yesterday afternoon, last night I patiently waited for his call.

Boy was I sleeping soundly when my phone woke me. I flipped on the light and headed down to the kitchen in an effort to wake myself up. After almost an hour on the phone he announced that he should let me get back to bed. At that point I was wide awake. When our call was about to end, last thing I said was "I love you... I'll call you at the office tomorrow".

"Call me at the house" he said. "Tomorrow is Discovery Day in the Yukon. It's a civic holiday here" he continued.

Hmmm, he had a holiday today yet got me out of bed and kept me on the phone until after midnight. All I could do was burst into laughter. That last bit of dialogue has to be the epitome of a Mars/Venus moment. It turns out it made no matter. Back to bed I went, and I was sound asleep in no time.

Happy Discovery Day Brian. Just to prove I pay attention when you send me stuff, I posted the Discovery Bay camping pic you emailed me from your trip in June. Your photo is absolutely amazing; I know (because we've already chatted) that your day was too.

As an aside? Seriously, how cold up is it up there at the end of September? Never mind. Don't tell me, or I'll change my mind about making the trek!

Will I need a winter coat and snow pants?

DRAT... I freakin' knew it!!