Tuesday, August 13, 2013

9 Very Simple Rules

My daughter started her second job this past Sunday morning, so my husband and I were tasked with moving her things and staging her new digs. I’m not complaining. We really enjoyed doing it.

Seriously, what parent doesn’t want their grown child safe, and living in comfort? Let me rephrase: what parent doesn't want their grown child safe, living in comfort, at an address that differs from their own? KIDDING!

I lived my teen years very differently from how my children have. My parents were older, so it was always a struggle for them understand the ever increasing generation gap. I had a very strict (almost militant) upbringing, that God forbid included a strap. Like most families in that era, it was household staple. Let’s just say the memory of my last sentence isn't something I dwell on.

9 Very Simple Rules For Living on Your Own.

Taken: August 11th, 2013
Keeping that in mind, how many of you reading this post said to yourselves “when we have children we're going to do da-ta-da-ta differently?" 

We did, and we have.

Some of those epiphanies were completely batshit crazy wrong; and some have had such positive result they amaze us.

Anyway, to make my short story even longer, we bought our Sweetie a poster on Sunday.

We placed it on the wall at the foot of her bed, so when she greets her day, her thought process will be vivid and clear.

WE know she’s brilliant, but what can I say? A positive mind creates a positive energy.

Besides, (as the twenty something woman she is) who wants to be motivated by a crappy Facebook news feed when your personal space rocks a really great poster that doesn't require internet access?