Thursday, April 18, 2013

P Is For... PUZZLE

April 18th, 2013 - PUZZLE
Taken: On the dock! September 2nd, 2012
My name is Rhondi and I am a puzzle doer. Not sure if that designation even exists, but I'll stay with it just the same.

Crosswords, find-a-word, jigsaws, trivia, and the most fascinating puzzle I work on every single day. That puzzle called "life".

You know the one? It kind of resembles a Rubic's Cube?

You get one area figured out and you turn around and everything else is a mess. You backtrack to try and understand what happened, hoping it won't happen again.

It's truly the hardest puzzle I have ever worked on, and one that I am certain is impossible to master. I don't know about you, but I often ask myself can something that happens so effortlessly for me, be so difficult to figure out? 

My core goal with any puzzle is to keep it progressing. Finding the right answers, which in turn bring me to my next  decision. Just as I was sitting on my dock last summer with my dog, I decided to work on two puzzles simultaneously. One was that puzzle called life. The second? Look at the picture... 21 ACROSS is Adam Levine.

My best guess would be I had to name the group he's lead singer for. Swooosh.... Maroon 5 would have been my answer. Just like that, it was written in ink. It was finished. Never to be looked at, nor thought about again.

One down. One to go!