Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Secret? It Comes From Within!

I am pleased to report that next month marks a very significant milestone for me personally. Ten years ago next month, I opened my very own consulting firm.  

Right from the moment I made the decision to do so, I knew it wasn't going to be easy. But I also I knew that if I did the analysis in the front end, the monetary rewards would be mine for the taking. 

As expected, I was absolutely bang on from the get go. My hard work paid off and it really did happen for me. It happened fast.

Though I am proud to have seen more success than I expected, when the Banks fell (pre-Obama) I was really burnt out. I leaned on my inner circle as a sounding board, and as a result I decided to shift from consulting and focus on the construction industry. I took a day job.

Though I never stopped consulting entirely, I did put did my wee baby to bed. Yesterday confirmed that I may have put her to bed but she never fell asleep. What the hell does that jibberish mean?

I went out for lunch with a business associate yesterday. I was keen on the invite but I figured it would be a cordial business discussion at a very macro level. I was wrong. Two and a half hours later; I’d barely touched my lunch. How we managed to end up on the same page (as quickly as we did) still has me in shock.

As I have said many times before, I am a leader. I do love my day job but there is something to be said for building something from the very start and then watching it come to fruition. It’s not only something I find  personally fulfilling, if done right it's also financially rewarding. So here I type.

Having done it before there's one thing that I know for certain;  it is crazy hard work. It's hard work that you dig deep for, that only comes from within. Because I have done it before I have to tread cautiously and be careful what I wish for. This week I was all cool and touting “exhaustion before boredom”.

This proposed task may provide me with exactly that. Keep your hands and feet in the ride at all times right?