Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Quirky Sidekick!

Me and My Quirky Sidekick Tim
Taken: Spring of 2003
I love people. 

Positive people with positive energy, and I always make the extra effort to keep the silly naysayers at bay. Call me quirky.

I am quirky. Always have been. Always will be. 

Appears my point may be moot because I'm very lucky to have tons of family, friends, as well as varying acquaintances in my life. 

All amazing folks but all these years later, I know I am blessed to still be connected to my one and only Quirky Sidekick!

Tim "Timmy Twos" McAllister came into my life after he graduated from the University of Alabama, and relocated into Muskoka thanks to Mr. Palmer. Just like that we were teamed and inseparable from the start. 

Finance (unlike Accounting) compiled the smallest department within the gigantic machine but it made no matter. Let's face it, when it came to being in the trenches with a boss like Dave Grant, we learned quickly that there was safety in numbers. Even if it meant that number was only two! From the get go, we gelled and kicked some serious ass.

Our synergy was the real deal. A rarity in comparison to most work relationships. Just like myself, after leaving the big Corporate machine, he built a successful business from nothing. When the banks fell, like most consultants, I endured a very tough year. My call for heartfelt advice was to Tim; asking a question, that only someone that had endured what we had, could answer. 

My question: If you had to start over and build it from nothing would you do it again? His answer didn't surprise me. It was no. After several lengthy conversations, I knew that I didn't want to do it again either. I knew he understood first hand the journey I had taken. I hadn't slept through the night in five years.

With some serious geography keeping us apart; the last couple of years, the internet has kept us in touch in place of the telephone. Out of the blue I got an email from him at work on Saturday. I apologized for been lax and asked him to text me his new cell phone number so we can stay closer.

This morning, drafting this post, my phone buzzed and blinked. It was from a number I didn't recognize. I opened it to read "Hi Rhondi!! XO Quirky" all I could do was smile from ear to ear. 

What can I say? We will be together forever in quirkiness. That's a promise I know we are going to keep!