Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Hammer n' Me And Smartie Made Three...

The Three Caballeros
Taken: July 2002
Boy this photo takes me back! I found it at the cottage yesterday and had to share.

It was snapped more than a decade ago. It was taken at a company ball tournament, that hosted the  North American Manufacturing facilities. I think back with fondness and a real comfort that these two lads were/are a very big part of my life.

The sweet gentleman chirping in my ear is David (aka The Hammer) Grant and he was my boss at the time. Looking at the photo, I’m pretty confident he’s just insulted me. All in good fun; because let's face it, if it got him a laugh, he went for it! With that in mind judging by the veins bulging out in his neck, I’m positive he didn’t like my retort, nor the fact that I refused to put my arm around him for the photo. I lost Dave to ALS on December 12, 2011.

The handsome bloke on the other side of me (that I have my arm comfortably around) is one of my dearest friends and someone that holds a very important place in my life.  Brian (aka Smartie) Smart and I have been friends since we met in 1994. He didn't grow up in Muskoka but married a gal that did. Boy, our friendship was an outta the park home run from the start.

Since he moved to Whitehorse it's never made much matter that he lives a million miles away from me. Whenever we chat, it's like it was yesterday. Brian and I have never been farther than a phone call or email away.  (He FINALLY got a Blackberry for work a few months back so BBM has softened our communication plight.)

It was great to spend time with him last June and I can't wait to get together when he returns to Ontario week after next. We hope to hit Actinolite for dinner so that he can see my son David, and I want to take him to this amazing 10 pin bowling alley downtown I love. Most of all, I can't wait to wander the streets of downtown Toronto and chat.

My glass on this one is definitely half full. I can't believe that I get to see Smartie face to face twice in one year. From where I'm standing, that makes me one lucky gal!