Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Friendship License Expired!

I hate to toot my own horn but I consider myself to be an exceptional friend. When it comes to the friendship I am going to openly discuss I can't hold back. TOOT TOOT goes Rhondi's horn! 

As your friend, I can be heard saying “I’ll give you the shirt off my back, cross me and I’ll kill ya!” It’s all in good fun but in this particular instance death would expel more energy than I have readily available for such a "friend".  With no energy left, I’ll just go on the record saying that I’ll never feed that expired parking meter again! In fact, our friendship license has permanently expired!!!

It's nothing done in haste, my very good friend and colleague Brad Jones warned me over and over about this person. In fact, Brad helped me see the light last March. Unexpectedly, this person resurfaced in my life the long weekend in July. Knowing it wasn’t a healthy situation, (and my BFF Colleen was furious with me because I had opened up dialogue again) I cut our dysfunctional cord a second time the middle of August.

All of that on record, checking email for the “daily thought” my friend Richard sends through, I was shocked to find an email titled “YIKES”. 

I am in a really great place. I have my life exactly where I want it to be. The last thing I need is someone chirping in my ear telling me how they are superior to me athletically, intellectually, and just all around better looking. "See You Next Tuesday?" Yes you are. Being a part of my life? Not even remotely an option!

There you have it. I have officially sent my first specific blog message to a very specific person. Dude, without further adieus, this post is for you. GET LOST!