Sunday, September 30, 2012


I’m sitting here sipping my only cup of coffee for the day, waiting for a reply to a BBM text message I just sent. Like any relaxing Sunday; I awoke this morning, headed to my desk, and with Blackberry in hand, sparked up a conversation with my very best electronic friend.

Your Sunday Morning Funny!
What do I classify as an electronic friend? Someone that I chat comfortably with but I spend very little time with face to face.

In the case of this particular thumbster, the amount of time spent together is in direct relation to how often young people actually chat on the telephone. Never!

Texting for me is something relatively new. Matter a fact, it’s exactly a year ago this week that I discovered my very first electronic friendship. (I had no idea what the hell they were doing scanning my PIN barcode but we’ve been great friends ever since.) I suppose up until that very moment, I was one of the eccentric few that used my mobile to actually talk, not text. In hindsight, since discovering Messenger, I find it hard to believe I only ever used my Blackberry for business and never pleasure.

All of that said; electronic friendships have their own set of challenges. For every great photo you share of your day, or sarcastic comment you make at the others expense, there’s always a chance that something may be misunderstood or taken out of context.

It may be the most convenient way to communicate but in the flash of a couple of sentences it can easily become the hardest. Think of it like a texting trapeze so to speak. There may be unified glory involved but there is always very extreme risk. Electronic friendships are like any trapeze, a very tricky balancing act.

As my my desk vibrates signaling that my phone family is ready to start the day, I can't help but I wonder what they are up to? I’m sure I’ll see pictures, bust a gut laughing, and sarcastically judge each and every iPhone/iPad user for the sheer joy of making my electronic day brighter. Then, after I enjoy this really great day (no matter by which means or medium), I'll thankfully hug my Blackberry for its contribution, as it reassuringly tucks me into bed tonight.

Back to my Muskoka reality at hand. I have to wash the kitchen floor, clean the bathrooms, and then head to the grocery store. Cheers Peeps and have a really great day!