Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Focus On What Matters & Let Go Of What Doesn't!

I have a ‘three times rule”. There I said it. It’s a personal philosophy I embrace, and yesterday (for the first time in a very long time) I put my rule into effect. In a nutshell, I never do, nor allow anything to happen three times, that I don't want to perpetuate for the long run.

My rule came into my life in a rather unconventional way. I started working for David Grant in the 1990’s. The first week as plant accountant, my good natured side asked my new boss “if he’d like me to get him a cup of coffee”.  To this day, I remember jumping out of my skin when he roared “NEVER ASK ME THAT QUESTION AGAIN!”

When I asked why, his response hit home. “Rhondi, today you ask if I’d like a cup of coffee. If I say yes, I guarantee you’ll ask me again tomorrow” he continued.  “A second time will lead to a third, and once you do something three times it’s your job. More so, it’s acceptable and expected behaviour!”

To offer insight, the first time my sixteen year old son missed a payment on his new laptop, I warned that it was unacceptable. The second time, I reminded, and the third time I repossessed the sucker! Had I let the third Friday pass, non-payment would have been acceptable behaviour and the debt would not have been expected to be paid.

You probably think it’s silly but I apply my "three times rule" at work, home, with immediate family, friends even acquaintances. If I don’t want to do something three times I don’t! If I’m unsure and I agree, after the first time, I explain my concern, pull away after the second and completely walk away after the third. It is that matter a fact for me.

I know it all sounds very black and white, but today I feel relief that I made the right 'me' decision yesterday. I no longer have the expectation looming overhead. Trust me, the approach can appear harsh but it’s one I fully embrace.

As I discover who I am, what I want, and what I need, I’d say yesterday was a giant step forward for me.  It reinforced that I am solely responsible for every life choice and personal decision I make, period.

Onward and upward Peeps!