Friday, May 11, 2012

I Have Been Thinking About My Mom....

Sunday is Mother’s Day, and for whatever reason, it's a 'day' I've never looked forward to.

Not sure if it’s because my own mother passed before I was married and had children, or the fact that when my children were babies I use to ask my husband “what are you getting me for Mother’s Day” and his standard response was “nothing, you’re not my mother!”

All joking aside, I’ve been thinking about my mommy a lot lately.

Though she passed in 1987, I think she’d be proud of what I have accomplished, and proud of the woman I have become. Not just because of the success I have seen, but the person I am, and aspire to be. (Let's face it, she'd have her own opinion,  so I best aim for proud.)

My mom had me later in life and my siblings were much older. By the time I started Kindergarten, everything in her homemaker life instantly simplified, and I guess I was on the receiving end of that benefit.

Out of the gate, I 'd like to go on record with the fact that my sister Andrea (eight years my senior) paved the way for me. Man, she had it rough!

I’ll admit that it was very hard as a teen and young adult, to hear my sister continually utter the words “you got everything and I got nothing”. As hard as it is to admit, it was true. (It was like my mother revisited her youth through me.)

I remember my first waltz lesson, first day at the rink, first time on stage, and of course my first serious conversation about the game of Bridge.

Seeing all of Canada, coast to coast, before I graduated high school was the added bonus. (My pic was taken at Lake Louise in 1976.)

As a woman entering middle age, I do possess some of her character traits.

Without being disrespectful, there are specific traits, that I’ve spent my entire life, working each and every day, never to emulate. (Those of you that read this, and knew my mother when she was alive, know exactly what I mean.)

With my nest empty I’ll be thinking of my mom as I celebrate our day this Sunday.

I think I will wake up and watch Cary Grant in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1959 North By Northwest. I will sing really loud in the shower and play a great round of golf. And all the while, I’ll be thinking of her. 

Though she never did, I most certainly will, Carpe Diem.