Friday, November 25, 2011

Hi, I’m Trade Show Rhondi. Pleased to Meet You.

I was working the Toronto Golf and Travel Show in downtown Toronto about five winters back. It was midday Sunday, my feet were sore, my face ached from smiling, and I just wanted the ‘tire kicking’ questions to stop.

In complaining to my friend Peter Mumford (Publisher: Fairways Magazine) in the adjacent booth, I’ll never forget what he said. “Rhondi, every Trade Show is one day too long…even a one day Trade Show!” I howled with laughter when he said it and that saying still makes me giggle today.

Why the reflection? Fall Cottage Life (Great Outdoors – DIY whatever they are calling it now) starts at the International Centre at 11am today. You’ll be pleased to know that at precisely that time all the surrounding city traffic lights will align & I will miraculously morph into Trade Show Mode.

Ah Trade Show Mode – aka Trade Show Rhondi. It’s nothing scary. It’s not like a machine starts up or anything it’s a mind set. Even though I’m not there with my day to day team (I am helping out one of our customers) you still have to prepare and all I can say is thank God I have good teeth.  Just how much eye contact can one make with strangers? To do it right, and get results it is very hard work. And what’s the upside to a lot of hard work? 

It’s Friday. I’m in the City. SHOPPING!